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An IT company never seen before dedicated to you.
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Our services

All of our services are fit to work around you. We are flexable, adaptable and ready to help you ASAP!

Our deidcation

We here at ARD are dedicated to you, the customer. We have on field technical supoort that are ready to help you as soon as you need it!


Our prices are nice and reasonable. To work for everyone! Just click learn more to find out what we offer and see what deal is the best for you!

What we do

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Dedicated Server's

We can set up dedicated server hardware and software and constant support is given.

Secure Payment System

You can pay with whatever you would like. Digital, cash or online banking. Your choice!

Setup Services

We can setup your services for you and help you out with all of your issues.

Remote Connection

With your dedicated server and most things you buy, you will get Remote Desktop access to them at all times.

Technical Support

Our techmical support team are always ready to help you. Just give us a call and we will try to help you or if it cannot be resolved over phone someone will come out to you!


Our pricing can be flexible to fit your specific needs, we want to make sure that you get the best possible prices and services for the best price. Just give us a call to learn more!

Get in touch

PLease get in touch with us within the opening hours, 09:00 - 18:00 GMT